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L192 Unit7 02 Booking accommodation

Using vocabulary for booking accommodation,making polite requests using the conditional,talking about holiday accommodation

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L192 Unit7 04 Talking about what you would like to do on holiday

Using vocabulary for holiday activities, making holiday suggestions

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L192 Unit7 06 Giving an account of your holiday

Forming the passé composé, using the passé composé to talk about what they did on holidays,understanding the agreement of past participle (agreement of subject with ‘être’)

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L194 Libro2 Unidad7 De vacaciones

Talking about when you went to a place and what you did there.

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Mi viaje a Sevilla

A series of slides with photos of Seville and captions, to provide a basis for telling the story of a trip, using past tenses. It can also be used to tell plans, using future tenses. These are my photos: feel free to use them. It can be used for other languages, simply changing the captions.

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