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L140 Estamos de mudanza

A face to face role play to practise Unit 2 Puntos 14 and 15. Use of the imperative and direct object pronouns. Students are moving to a new house and unpacking boxes. They discuss where to put a number of items: No lo guardes ahí, guárdalo en el armario del cuarto de baño.

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L140 Supersticiones

Students decide whether these superstitions exist in the Spanish-speaking world and talk about the superstitions in their own cultures. Use of the present subjunctive in the negative imperative.

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L192 Unit10 04 Talking about treatment

Talking about illnesses and treatment; the imperative (and negative imperative); giving advice.

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L192 Unit4 02 Understanding and giving directions

Understanding directions,asking for directions,using devez+infinitive and il faut+infinitive

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L194 Libro2 Unidad8 Anuncios

Using the imperative.

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