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A game for face-to-face tutorials that involves sentence creation, vocabulary repetition, listening and reading.

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Discoveries and Inventions

Reading and Speaking activity about discoveries and inventions of the twenty-first century

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Q & A: Muhammad Cartoons Row

Reading, speaking and listening comprehension of old news and their impact in society

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The Philippines

An activity designed to learn about the Philippines. Here you will learn about tourist attractions, traditions, food wildlife and the impact of Spanish on Filipino culture.

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Working a Jane Austen Quote from the book Pride and Prejudice (1813)

Students read the Jane Austen quote from the novel Pride and Prejudice (1813)and they write their opinion and what it means and answer questions about the quote

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practicing skills with urban legends

reading a story, then watching a filmed version of the same story. Checking wether they fit the definition of urban myth. A proposal.

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